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A gold medal in Havel’s honor will be created in the Czech Republic

Official coining of medals will take place in Jablonec nad Nisou next week and will be attended by the widow of the late Dagmar Havlova.
Prague, airport

Prague airport would be renamed in honor of Vaclav Havel

The Czech Republic has launched a campaign on renaming the Prague Ruzyne international airport in honor of the first Czech president Vaclav Havel.

Teachers go on strike in the Czech Republic

The bulk of the striker schools are located in Moravia. In the Czech capital of Prague only 40 schools joined the strike. According to the Czech media, among the strikers are kindergarten, primary and special school teachers.

Designer award for sex toys was given in the Czech Republic

The National Student award in the Czech design was given to a student from the town of Usti nad Labem Anna Mareshova for a series of sex toys. Vibrators and other intimate production, which was conceptually designed by Mareshova, were marked by the jury for the perfect combination of style and ingenious technology.

Prague: Mayor gives fish soup for Christmas

Českě Noviny reports that today in Prague during the massive pre-Christmas festivities the mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda tried his hand at a new role - on the Old Town Square he served out standing in long line citizens and curious tourists who joined

Laser pointers will be banned in the Czech airports

The need to solve this problem appeared a long time ago as the pilots of civilian aircraft have repeatedly sent complaints that unknown offenders prevented takeoff and landing of aircrafts at the Ruzhyne international airport, using a laser pointer like a

Czech Students To Pay For Education Soon

It is very likely that students of public universities in the Czech Republic will have to pay fee for education in the near future. Three political parties having control over 118 seats of total 200 in the parliament and intending to form a coalition gove

A Half Of Prague’s Pubs Can Become Non-Smoking

Before July 1, 2010 when new anti-smoking regulations are to come into effect in the Czech Republic owners of Prague’s pubs and restaurants will have to chose one of the three available statuses for their establishments – smoking allowed mode, non-smoking

Laser Attacks On Civilian Jets

During the last year Czech civilian pilots reported at least seven cases of laser attacks on jets landing or taking off at Ruzyne International airport in Prague. As Karel Muendel, a representative of CSA's association of transport pilots, informed ČTK Cz

Four White Rhinos To Travel To Kenya

Four white rhinos, representatives of very rare and endangered subspecies of rhinoceros, are to be moved from the Czech zoo situated in Dvur Kralove nad Labem which is some 100 km to the Northeast of Prague to nature reservation Ol Pejeta in Kenya. The an
Mount Rip

Legandary Mount Říp Is For Sale

According to information published by the Czech Hospodarske newspaper the regional council of Usti nad Labem Region showed its interest in buying or long term renting of legendary Mount Říp located not far from the capitol city of Prague. Currently the ne
náměstí Míru in Prague

Prague City Hall To Reduce Speed Limit

Prague City Hall worked out a plan to reduce speed limit across the whole capital city in the nearest future. It is expected that enforcing 50 km/h speed limit can help to decrease significantly noise pollution in the areas with heavy traffic. Also new no
Canadian visa

Canada Visa Office May Be Opened In Prague

Jan Kohout, the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, recently informed reporters that Canadian government thinks over the matter of opening a visa office in Prague.
Czech parliament

Elections Campaign Preparations Be Continued

Yesterday the chairman of the State Election Commission (SVK) Martin Pecina reported journalists that preparations for the parliamentary elections scheduled on October 09-10, 2009 and postponed by the recent Constitutional Court ruling should be continued
Building of the Constitutional Court

Parliamentary Elections In The Czech Republic Postponed

The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic has recently postponed the parliamentary elections that were scheduled on October 9-10. Such a decision was made after an independent MP Milos Melcak complained that early parliamentary polls would violate hi
Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

70th Anniversary Of The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact In Prague

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact the Polish Institute in Prague with the participation of the Estonian and Latvian embassies in the Czech Republic will held on the first day of September 2009 in Prague the rock concer
Holocaust death camp

Movies To Get Acquainted Youth With Holocaust Cruelties

Theme of cruelties and crimes against humanity committed by Fascists during the years of their rule in Europe including the years of World War II is getting more and more actual in our days as neo-Nazi organizations are getting more popular in many Europe
Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI Plans Visiting The Czech Republic

Recently Vatican informed that this autumn the pope Benedict XVI is planning to visit the Czech Republic. Most likely, he will pay a three-day visit to Prague and then come to see several other Czech cities in the end of September. The Czech president com
the Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing

Online Registration For Long Term Visas Applicants

On June 1, 2009 the Czech Republic Foreign Ministry launched Visapoint system designed for online registration to apply for long term entry visas (more 90 days of stay). The purpose of new service is making the whole process of obtaining a visa more under
Viktor Yushchenko

Ukrainian President To Visit Prague Next Week

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s visit to the Czech Republic is scheduled on March 24-25, 2009. He will be accompanied by his spouse. Mr. Yushchenko is invited to visit Prague by Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The leaders will have a private meeting
Jan Tamáš

The Nonviolence Movement Wants To Talk To Obama

Newly elected US President Barak Obama’s visit to Prague is scheduled on April 5, 2009. Activists of the Nonviolence Movement, Czech public organization formed in December 2007 as an initiative of nonviolent opposing the US anti-missile military base inst

Ten years in NATO

People of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland celebrate 10 years of being in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization founded after the World War II for ensuring collective defense of its members. To mark the decennary anni
Michael Kocáb

Former Concentration Camp Facility To Be Turned Into Educational Center

Michael Kocáb, human rights minister, is trying to accomplish one of the promises he gave in public upon taking on his current position. Recently he conducted negotiations on account of buying back a recreational facility located on a property near Hodoní
Vaclav Havel

Vaclav Havel Is Getting Better

Vaclav Havel, famous Czechoslovak dissident leader and former Czech president, who was hospitalized in rather serious but stable condition after undergoing minor throat surgery in the middle of January may be released from hospital this week, more likely,
Pankrác district in Prague

High-rises To Appear In Prague

About half a year ago UNESCO protested against building the new skyscrapers in Pankrác, a district of Prague. Some representatives of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee visited the Czech capital in the spring last year and concluded that the new buildi
Malá Strana (Little Quarter) in Prague

Prague Is The 7th Most Visited European City

The CzechTourism agency, the Czech Republic tourist authority, recently published the Top City Destination chart created annually by the Euromonitor International organization. The announcement of this chart is traditionally delayed by a year, because a h
poker chips

Czech Republic Could Legalize Online Gambling

As iGamingBusiness Magazine reported, the Czech Republic has an intention to legalize online gambling.
Christmas market in Prague

On Christmas Czechs Go To Church

Recently ČTK published results of a poll performed by the STEM agency in the beginning of December. The poll was aimed at defining Czechs attitude towards religion and church, which is a matter of current interest on the Christmas Eve.
Karl Marx in 1875

Commies Are Back

Some members of Czech Communist Party (KSČM) – namely Svatomír Recman, Karel Konečný, Eva Valjentová, Zdeněk Dobrý and Jaroslav Borka - due to coalition with the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) have got position of regional counselors in their region
Communist meeting held by KSMC

Denial of crimes of communism to be punishable

ČTK news agency informed that the new Penal Code was passed by the Chamber of Deputies on November 12, 2008 according to which public denial and doubts concerning the crimes of the communist and nazi regimes against humanity will be acknowledged as a crim
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Polish fastener supplier lures Prague residents with beer tours
Sceptics will smile slyly. After all, to lure the citizens of a country where brewing beer has long been a matter of national pride is a controversial idea. Nevertheless, the outskirts of Warsaw prove to be quite hospitable to beer lovers.
Beer Festival begins in Pilsen
This year the festival will be held from July 31 to August 1 and promises to be one of the most exciting beer events of the summer.
Exhibition of unique photographs of Vaclav Havel opened in Prague
Photo exhibition dedicated to the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, was opened in Prague today. From June 25 to July 6 its visitors will be able to see unique photos provided by the journalistic agency ČTK. On these photos Vaclav Havel appears not only as a president, but as a vibrant, eccentric and temperamental personality.