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Legandary Mount Říp Is For Sale

Mount Rip
Mount Rip

According to information published by the Czech Hospodarske newspaper the regional council of Usti nad Labem Region showed its interest in buying or long term renting of legendary Mount Říp located not far from the capitol city of Prague. Currently the negotiations with the Lobkowicz family who owns the site are in progress.

Mount Říp is the very place where according to the ancient Czech myth the legendary leader of old Czechs named Cechus (or „Praotec Cech“), impressed by the magnificent surroundings, announced that he and his people would settle there for ever. This event happened presumably between 450 and 500 AD.

Today Mount Říp is one of the main symbols of the Czech nation identity. Naturally, many people – locals, Czech expatriates and foreign tourists – come there to see it with their own eyes. That is why this place is of such importance to local authorities. Besides, if the local council manages to buy this site it will open great opportunities in getting European Union subsidies aimed for developing the historical place.

The noble Lobkowicz family offered the state via their representatives to lease the site for a symbolic price of 1 Czech crown. If the deal strikes lucky, a charitable company will be set by the regional council and Roudnice nad Labem city council in oreder to manage the place. A lot of thing will have to be done to improve the site and enable it to host major events, but it is quite clear that Mount Říp has great chances to turn into a tourist center of great importance.

Photo: Mount Říp, by Miraceti (

Date: 02/12/2009

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