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Holidays in Czech Republic

Old Town of PragueThe Czech Republic (or simply Czechia) is a country situated in the heart of Europe. Until 1993 it was a part of communist Czechoslovakia. Since then it became a developed, democratic country open for everybody who wants to visit it either as a tourist, a guest or a business traveler. It has rather good tourist and transport infrastructure, so no matter if you go there for a trip as a member of organized tourist group or individually – your vacation there will be full of fun and new impressions.

This country can be proud of its very interesting and long history and rich culture, plenty of historic places and monuments. The capital city of Prague is the main tourist destination of Czechia. People from all over the world come there to fancy its architectural masterpieces and historical places or just enjoy many cultural events held there or have fun clubbing or shopping.

But this in no way means that other Czech cities and towns as well as pretty small villages are not worth seeing. Such old cities as Karlovy Vary, Olomouc, Brno and many more also have a lot of attractions, historical buildings and monuments of various periods. Czechia is relatively small and compact country, so you always have a possibility to take a trip from Prague to any other place.

Rich natural resources, beautiful and varied landscapes – rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, you name it - and moderate continental climate give Czechia great recreational value. Many thousands of active vacations amateurs come there every year to explore and enjoy its natural diversity. There’s number of protected areas and national parks in the country where one can admire nature’s beauties and rarities. And Czech spa resorts are famous all over the globe.

Wintertime is also a busy season for the Czech tourist industry. It is some kind of tradition for many Europeans to celebrate Christmas in Prague. And people living in this city do their best to keep this tradition. Also winter is a good time for Czech skiing resorts. The most popular ones are Špindlerův Mlýn, Pec pod Sněžkou, Harrachov and Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Fans of winter sports, especially such as alpine skiing and snowboarding, will be pleased to find there rather good skiing conditions and comparatively low prices.

One of the main factors of successful holidays in Czech Republic is comfortable and comparatively economic accommodation. All over the Czech Republic you will find a great variety of possible lodging variants - hotels, hostels, apartments, pensions, guesthouses, even botels (hotels on water). For those who prefer planning their own trip and travel individually our site can offer a wide range of lucrative variants of housing during your Czech vacations. Using our online booking service you can find a best variant for you in advance in our huge database.


Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Pilsen Pilsen (or Plzeň in Czech) is the fourth biggest city in the Czech Republic. It is situated in western Bohemia at the confluence of four rivers -...


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Kutna Hora

St Barbara cathedral in Kutna Hora Kutná Hora (Kuttenberg) is a town situated in the central part of Bohemia on the river Vrchlice. It has an area of 33 square km and its...

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If you have already visited the Czech Republic it might be a good idea to spend your holiday in Slovakia as well. Because until 1993 it was a single country – Czechoslovakia. Are interested ? – visit for additional information.

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Have you ever seen baroque in the Baltic states? If not, do not waste your time and visit Lithuania – baroque had a great impact on architecture here. Finding a holiday home in Lithuania will not be a problem – the portal will help you with that.

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Hungary is famous for Balaton - the biggest lake in the Central Europe. Apartments, cottages and villas in the close vicinity to Lake Balaton can be booked directly at


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Guide to Czech Republich

Czech Republic and tourism are considered to be synonyms for a long time. Prague – a city, the hotels of which are among the busiest ones in the world. Winter and summer seasons in the Czech Republic attract nearly the same amount of tourists. A good recreation in the Czech Republic strongly depends on a right choice of a hotel or vacation rental. For such a country a good guide is essential. will try to do its best to help you.