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The Czech Republic is a well-known spa destination in Europe and has an honorable reputation in the sphere of balneological treatment and relaxation spa. There are more than thirty spa towns in the country. Some of them integrate dozens of spa centers and resorts others may have a single sanatorium. But in any case, their visitors can be sure of supreme quality of treatment and services.

The tradition of the Czech spa is dated back to the 15th century and since then local therapists have been doing their best to combine best traditional methods with contemporary achievements to provide effective treatment and comfortable stay for visitors. There are several hundreds of natural mineral springs and mineral-rich mud deposits in the country, which in combination with moderate climate have a proven healing effect.

Visitors of Czech spa resorts may expect the top standards of medical services and rather budget prices if compared with other European resorts. The most advanced and innovative therapeutic and rehabilitative methods are used in combination with traditional healing with help of mineral water, curative mud and natural gas. Czech spa resorts are also good as places for post-operative rehabilitation for those who undergo surgeries, either medical or cosmetic, in the country. Professional staff of spa centers takes good care of their guests.

If you do not have to undergo any medical treatment but just want to have some relaxation and refreshing, the Czech Republic is also the right place. Local spa resorts provide a wide range of procedures for body regeneration using natural resources. You can have rather pleasant and at the same time healing experience and take massages of different kind, underwater therapy, peat wraps, pearl baths, gas injections and so on.

The largest spa city in the Czech Republic is Karlovy Vary (sometimes also named Carlsbad), situated between the Krušné Mountains and Slavkovsky Forest in 120 km distance from Prague. Karlovy Vary is famous for more than three hundred thermal hot springs. In ancient times the highlands surrounding the city was an area of volcanic activity, this is the main cause of existence of these famous springs.

The city was founded by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1370 and later named after him. The old legend says that the Emperor built a town after the accidental discovery of hot springs in the area during his hunting trip. As early as in the 16th century local aristocrats and rich burgers used the springs for healing purposes. In the 19th century due to publications by doctors like David Becher and Josef von Löschner Karlovy Vary became a popular tourist destination as the all-Europe spa-resort. The water and mud there are used to treat digestive and musculoskeletal problems‚ diabetes and obesity.

One of the prettiest spa resorts in the Czech Republic is Karlova Studánka, a village in Moravian-Silesian region. The local countryside is very picturesque and beautiful. Climate there is very favourable and mountain air has beneficial effect. There’ s a sanatorium built in the 19th century specializing on providing treatment to those who suffer from respiratory organs illnesses.

Františkovy Lázně, a town in Karlovy Vary region, is famous for the first established in the whole world mud baths opened in 1792. It was the year of coronation of Austrian Emperor and Czech king Franz I, so it is quite natural that the spa was named after this royal person. Spa centers of Františkovy Lázně specialize in treatment of heart and blood circulation illnesses, locomotion organs disorders and gynecologic problems including infertility.

Other very popular spa destinations are Mariánské Lázně (treatment of kidneys, urinary tract, and locomotion organs illnesses), Janské Lázně (treatment of post-operative and post injury traumas, post-polio problems and traumas caused by nervous and muscular disorders), which is also a famous winter sports destination, Jeseník (respiratory and nervous system illnesses and locomotive organs disorders) and many more.

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