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Prague is the biggest city and the capital of the Czech Republic. It is the political, cultural, and economic center of the country. It has population of about 1,212,000 inhabitants (about 1,942,000 including metro area) and occupies territory of 496 km² (6,977 km² including metro area).

Prague is situated on the river Vltava in the central part of Bohemia. It was founded in the 9th century and has very interesting and eventful history. Besides, it is considered the most beautiful and charming European city. The Old Town (including the Lesser Town) can boast of beautiful architectural masterpieces. And Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the whole world.

Prague is paradise for tourists from all over the world. This city can offer attractions for any taste. There are a lot of historic monuments (the whole city center is protected by UNESCO as an item of World Heritage Sites) and romantic places. You can visit music clubs and theatres or enjoy all-night parties there. Both children and adults will be happy to visit the Zoo in Prague Troja or take a ride on a cruiser down the Vltava river.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the most popular places among the crowds of tourists. It is considered to be the largest ancient castle in the world (it is 570 m long, on average 128 m wide and has an area of 7.28 hectares). It was built in the 9th century by Prince Bořivoj as a wooden fortress fortified by earthen ramparts (defense embankments).

Afterwards Bohemian rulers made their own innovations and additions. In 13th century it was substantially renewed and enlarged by Premyslid dynasty and during the next two centuries by Charles IV and King Vladislav Jagiello. Its modern look the Castle acquired in the 18th century during the reign of queen Maria Theresa.

Since its early days of existence and throughout the whole Middle Ages the Prague Castle was the center of power and influence of the state. It was always the seat of Czech rulers and their official residence.

The Basilica of St. George (Bazilika Sv. Jiří) is the oldest church and one of the few Roman churches remained inside the stone building. It was founded by Prince Vratislav I in the 10th century. It contains the relics of the Přemysl royalty, along with relics of St. Ludmilla, the first saint and national patron.

The Alley of Gold is a row of tiny houses closely attached to the walls of the Castle. There once lived the Castle's fusiliers. Later the Alley became inhabited by goldsmiths, which explains the naming. Nowadays there are plenty of craft and souvenir shops there.

The Castle is surrounded by pretty gardens. The most beautiful is the Royal Garden situated next to the Royal Gazebo, a beautiful example of Italian Renaissance. The Royal Garden was designed in the beginning of the 16th century as an example of an Italian garden. Since then it was planted by various exotic plants and trees including cedar and fig trees.

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