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Skiing in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a very popular destination among amateurs of winter sports from all over Europe. There are no high mountains and very steep slopes in the country. But anyway there are a lot of ski resorts there stretching from border to border. Beautiful local ski areas are open for everyone and can provide all modern facilities and equipment for skiing and snowboarding.

The Austrian Alps, for instance, are on average twice as high as the tallest Czech mountains, so if you prefer high altitudes and extreme skiing you could get rather disappointed. But if you go in for skiing just for the fun of it and do not intend breaking any records, if you are an amateur (rather then professional) of winter sports and like active rest, you will like skiing in this country immensely.

The great advantages of skiing in Czechia are very competitive prices for skiing and accommodation and rather convenient location of ski areas – the country has well developed road and transport infrastructure. So you will not have troubles to get to any of them.

The most popular Czech resorts are located in the Krkonoše mountain range, at the Czech-Polish border near Germany. They are situated in some 1-2 hours drive from Prague and are easily accessible. This is one of the main reasons of their popularity. Another one is good equipment and fine skiing conditions. The most famous and well-known ski resorts in this region are Špindlerův Mlýn (Svatý Petr), Harrachov, Pec pod Sněžkou, Prkenný Důl (Family Skipark). The highest Czech mountain peak Sněžka (some 1600 meters) is situated in the Krkonoše.

One more rather popular skiing destination is the Jizerské hory range situated near the German-Czech border in an hour drive north of Prague. Skiing conditions there are not so attractive as in the Krkonoše, but prices are lower and the ski areas are not so overcrowded during high season. The most well-known ski resort in the region is Liberec where together with ski center there’s an aquapark very popular among families.

The mountain ranges Šumava situated on the west of the country near the German-Austrian border (most notable resorts - Špičák and Kašperské Hory), the Krušné hory located in North Bohemia near the German border and the Orlické hory near the Czech-Polish border are rather similar to each other. The slopes there are quite gentle (the mountains have lower elevation), local ski areas are not so well equipped as Krkonoše but are more cost-effective and not so overcrowded. In general, skiing there is good for beginners, amateurs of cross-country skiing and families with children.

And speaking about skiing in the Czech Republic it is impossible not to mention Moravian ski areas. In some four-hour drive northeast of Prague there’s the most popular Moravian range Jeseniky where one of the highest Czech mountain peaks, namely Praded, is situated. Many amateurs of winter sports consider that skiing conditions in the Jeseniky are the second best in the country after the Krkonoše. Besides, this area is characterized by rather heavy snowfalls throughout winter, so there’s always plenty of snow. One more popular destination is a small range of Beskydy (Beskids) which cannot boast of skiing possibilities the Jeseniky provide but is famous for very beautiful and almost untouched nature and rather authentic atmosphere of traditional Czech countryside.

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