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Elections Campaign Preparations Be Continued

Czech parliament
Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in session

Yesterday the chairman of the State Election Commission (SVK) Martin Pecina reported journalists that preparations for the parliamentary elections scheduled on October 09-10, 2009 and postponed by the recent Constitutional Court ruling should be continued as planned. All election authorities including regional committees should proceed with preparations and parties should correct their candidate lists and get rid of any mistakes in them.

The State Election Commission will make a decision upon this matter next Thursday. Meanwhile, analysts believe that if the elections will be postponed it may have serious influence on financial situation in the Czech Republic. It may also weaken the Czech crown and cause the downgrade of the country’s ratings.

David Marek, the Patria Finance chief economist, added that disrespect to the Constitution is the bad sign by itself. He emphasized: "The existence of a state which respects the rule of law is a necessary prerequisite to a functioning market economy and trust of domestic and foreign investors."

The current situation poises no immediate threat to the Czech economy, but it is very undesirable for foreign investments flow. A UniCredit Bank analyst Pavel Sobisek commented: "If the political instability lasts longer, projects will be delayed or carried out in a neighbouring country. It is very important that politicians come up with a credible solution soon."

Leaders of the Parliament represented parties and other top rank officials consider that a draft constitutional amendment should be made to prevent such incidents in future. Two thirds of the Czech Republic citizens also think that the situation should be resolved as soon as possible, the poll recently conducted by the Median agency confirmed. But the same poll testifies that almost the same amount of the Czechs are not sure that the politicians will be able to come to mutual understanding and agree on necessary measures.

Photo: Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in session (

Date: 03/09/2009

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