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Prague will host the Witches' Night Festival

Witches' Night Festival
Witches' Night Festival
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A large amount of music, sports, theater performances and varied entertainment will be held this weekend on April 30 in the Prague Ladronka park, where will be held one of the most striking celebrations marking the winter seeing-off - the "Witches' Night".

Annually on the last night of April, when twilights come to the Prague Ladronka park, are lit bonfires and guests of the festival in sinister carnival costumes of witches and ghouls are celebrating the spring.

According to the head of the Prague 6 district, Marie Kousalíková, this year will be held a great festival with lots of sports programs, competitions, master classes and areas where you can just relax and enjoy the Czech cuisine and excellent beer. However, this year the organizers of the "Witches' Night" festival have prepared an original surprise for all visitors - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which was created according to the famous series of books about Harry Potter.

In the magical school established at the Prague "Witches' Night" festival kids can try their hand in variety of magic rituals along with the heroes of the famous Harry Potter book: to tell fortunes with professor Triloni on their own image, to play with madam Hooch in exciting quidditch, create their own magic potion with professor Snape, or just watch the magical greenhouse of professor Sprout full of magical mandrake and diabolical potions.

Guests of the "Witches' Night" in Prague can also expect a variety of entertainment: sport games, exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, exciting competitions and master-classes on witchcraft and magic. Also visitors of the Prague festival can take part in a competition for children and adults "Miss Witch", where winners will receive prizes.

The "Witches' Night" festival will be held in Prague on April 30 and will be opened from 15-00 to 22-00 in Ladronka Park, Prague -6. (Witches' Night at Ladronka, Ladronka Park, Prague 6).

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Date: 29/04/2011


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