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Bohemian Carnival takes place in Prague

Bohemian Carnevale in Prague is going to be the major event of the week in the Czech Republic

Last days of February brought to Europe one of the hottest periods - the time of bright winter carnivals. One traditional pre-spring carnival Bohemian Carnevale began last Friday in the Czech capital Prague.

Annual Bohemian Carnevale in Prague symbolizing an allegorical symbol of spring, renewal, rebirth and the triumph of light, is one of the oldest Czech traditions rooted in the distant Middle Ages.

Official opening of the Prague Bohemian Carnevale was held on 25 February in one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague, the amazing sight of the Czech capital, the Clam-Gallas palace, Husova 20, Praha 1.

On Saturday, February 26, an extraordinarily beautiful costume pageant Parade of Masks, where participate mystical birds, fabulous creatures, jugglers, Pupa, Vitek and others marched from the Clam-Gallas palace to the Old Town Square. Here at the gates of the City Hall were symbolically opened the gates to Prague for the bright Bohemian Carnival celebration.

In the coming days of the Bohemian Carnival every corner of Prague will be filled with happy anticipation of spring. Streets, squares, museums, galleries and theaters, schools, shops and restaurants of Prague will be filled with revelry of carnival action. Every day, in the heart of Golden Prague on the Old Town Square will take place costumed shows, act jugglers, acrobats and comedians.

The culmination of the Bohemian Carnevale in Prague will be an amazing action filled with fabulous atmosphere of exquisite Renaissance era - Crystal Ball - which will be held in the Clam-Gallas palace on March 5.

Prague Bohemian Carnevale will end on March 8 on the Old Town Square in Prague.

Detailed information about Bohemian Carnevale can be received in the information centers in Prague, as well at the box offices:

Infocentrum Carnevale / Old Town Square, Praha 1, 12.00 - 22.00
Infocentrum Carnevale / Colloredo-Mannsfeld palace, Karlova 2, Praha 1, 11.00 - 19.00
BOX OFFICE CARNEVALE / Clam-Gallas palace, Husova 20, Praha 1, 11.00 - 20.00

Photo: Marcus Lenk

Date: 27/02/2011

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