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Seven New Motorways To Open This Year

Seven New Motorways To Open This Year
Seven New Motorways To Open This Year

Seven new motorways and highways having total length of 53 km will be taken into use in the Czech Republic this year. The longest sections connecting the D1 between Olomouc and Ostrava are scheduled to launch in autumn – three sections with total length of about 34 km will be opened there. Brno's D1 and Plzeň's D5 will be interconnected by the spring 2010. Prague drivers will take advantage of capital's ring road construction.

The process of constructing new roads in the Czech Republic is continuous and never-ending. For the last two decades the length of motorways and highways has doubled - in increased from 544 km in 1989 up to 1,056 km nowadays. The biggest progress was made during the last two years – about 136 km of roads were created. High-speed roads are also considered very important. At the moment the R35 between Hradec Králové and Olomouc, the R6 to Karlovy Vary, the R7 to Chomutov and some others are being constructed.

Prague Daily Monitor published the list of projects to be completed in 2008 and 2009:

Projects to be completed in 2008

D 1 Bílovec - Ostrava Rudná 6 May 2008
D 1 Kojetín - Kroměříž východ 23 September 2008
D 1 Lipník nad Bečvou - Bělotín 25 November 2008
D 11 Libišany - Praskačka 15 December 2008

High-speed roads
R 6 Praha - Pavlov 19 December 2008
R48 D1 - Bělotín 25 November 2008

Projects to be completed in 2009

D 1 Mořice - Kojetín 2nd phase 1 November 2009
D 1 Bělotín - Hladké Životice 1 November 2009
D 1 Hladké Životice - Bílovec 1 November 2009

High-speed roads
R 6 Tisová - Kamenný Dvůr 1 September 2009
R 7 MUK Vysočany 1 September 2009
R 7 Bítozeves - Vysočany 1 September 2009
R 35 Sedlice - Opatovice 1 November 2009

Date: 12/01/2009

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