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Beer Festival begins in Prague

Beer Festival begins in Prague
Beer Festival begins in Prague

Amber-golden drink with a thick cap of soft froth sparkling in the sun and a scent of fragrant hops and caramel malt. What could be better than ice-cold beer in a sweaty glass on a hot May day? Only a real beer festival, which will be held soon in Prague!

During 17 sunny May days visitors of the beer festival in Prague will be able to enjoy selected beer, Czech cuisine, great music, enchanting parties and, of course, unique atmosphere of the beer fest.

Prague Beer Festival will present to the public not only selected varieties of intoxicating drink produced by the best Czech brewers, but also well-known Czech chefs, and give an opportunity to try delicious dishes of Czech and European cuisine, as well as meats delicacies and confectionery.

Visitors of the festival can expect a huge beer tent for 10,000 people, which can be compared in scale only with the famous German beer festival Oktoberfest. Guests will be served by 200 waiters dressed in traditional Czech costumes.

According to the tradition, the only valid currency of the beer festival in Prague will be tolar. Pricing policy is also very simple: any beer = 1liter = 2 tolars.

Fans of intoxicating beverages will be able to taste more than 70 sorts of the best Czech beer made by such famous breweries as Bernard, Bakalář, Kout, Pernštejn, Ferdinand, Nymburk, Černá Hora, Ježek, Klášter, Rychtář, Lobkowicz, Platan, Vysoký Chlumec, Janáček, Kocour, Žamberk , Beroun, Permon, Purkmistr, Zvíkov, Dobruška, Kácov, Vyškov, Lipan, Chýně, Malostránský pivovar, Rybičky and Pacov.

Beer Festival in Prague will last from May 17 to June 2 at the Holešovice exhibition center. Entrance to the festival is free.

Date: 15/05/2012

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