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The famous exhibition of plastinated bodies The Human Body will be held in Prague

The famous exhibition of plastinated bodies The Human Body will be held in Prague
The famous exhibition of plastinated bodies The Human Body will be held in Prague

One of the most controversial exhibitions of human body, the exhibition that causes a storm of different reviews around the world, The Human Body exhibition will be held in Prague in the Výstavišti Praha - Holešovice exhibition hall.

Exhibition will be held in Prague from March 10 to June 10, 2012 and will present visitors and residents of the Czech capital not only the famous collection, created by plastination method and exhibited earlier in the Czech Republic, but also dozens of new exhibits. Visitors will be offered a detailed tour of the human body: skeleton, muscles, respiratory and circulatory organs, digestive and nervous systems and other parts of the human body.

Collection of The Human Body exhibition was created by a revolutionary method of plastination, invented by the brilliant German anatomist Gunther von Hagens. This method is based on the ice-cold acetone dehydration of the body followed by the vacuum injection of polymer into the tissues, which allows not only to preserve the body and organs of humans and animals, but also to create valuable anatomical specimens.

One of the most interesting items of the upcoming exhibition in Prague is the so-called Red Man. It is a full-sized human body model with completely removed bones and muscles, a system of veins and arteries of man with a total length of about thousand kilometers.
Among the most impressive exhibits are plastinated bodies of people suffering from overeating, alcohol abuse, smokers and those who led a sedentary lifestyle. These exhibits are a good example, which may be the strongest stimulus to think about a healthy lifestyle.

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Date: 20/02/2012

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