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Coffee Week festival started in Brno

Coffee Week festival started in Brno
Coffee Week festival started in Brno

The festival, which is dedicated to one of the most popular drinks - bracing and delicious coffee - will be held in Brno from 1 to 7 October.

International Day of Coffee, which traditionally takes place in most European countries on 1 October, is not among the most popular festivals in the Czech Republic – the country of beer. However, created by the coffee amateurs "Coffee Week" festival in Brno can change the attitude of the Czech to coffee, which is famous for its magical tonic properties.

More than 80 restaurants and cafes in Brno will offer its residents and guests not only excellent, black as hell and sweet as love flavored coffee, but also dozens of diverse cultural activities devoted to the invigorating drink. "Latte art demonstration," tasting of the best coffee sorts from around the world, concerts and musical performances, parties devoted to coffee, seminars and courses on coffee-making, theater performances and improvisation, art exhibitions and even the reading of fortunes in Tarot cards – all these and much more awaits visitors of the "Coffee Week" festival, which began today in Brno.

"Coffee Week" festival program:

October 1:

08.00 KAREL NEVER SLEEPS - Bazzara special offer
16.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Coffee celebration
18.00 Cafe 04 - Exposition opening
19.00 Kavárna a Pekařství Zastávka - Atelier Theatre
23.00 Galerie Caffe, Krmítko DETOX, Caffé del Saggio - Weekly events

October 2:

08.00 Cafe Mitte - Paint your cup!
12.00 Stolní tenis a Hravý bar- Table tennis and chess championships
15.00 Café Encounter - Speed Dating
17.00 Parnas Caffé - Speed Dating, part 2
19.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Film screening
20.00 Cafe 04 - Havana Club Night party
20.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Readings
23.00 Galerie Caffe, Veselá kavárna, Jazeera Café, Parnas Caffe, Leporelo - Weekly events

October 3:

08.00 Gaviota - Professionally prepared coffee
08.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Special breakfast menu
08.00 KAREL NEVER SLEEPS - Bazzara special offer
08.00 Kavárna Hraběnka - Basic Portuguese
08.00 Design café, Kartell Cafe - Lunch
14.00 Kavárna Káva jinak, Jára Cimrman - Conquest of the North Pole
15.00 Krmítko Detox, Filozofická - Presentation and coffee tasting
16.00 Cafe 04 – Mary Kay makeup seminar
17.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Jan Ševčík concert
17.00 Design café - Kartell by Design café exhibition opening
17.30 Design café - Latte art demonstration
18.00 Café Maia – Telling of fortunes in Tarot cards
19.00 Cafe Mitte - Author readings: Norbert Holub
19.00 Krmítko Detox, Pedagogická fakulta - Irish coffee party
19.00 Café Encounter - seminar on coffee-making
19.00 Kavárna Anděl – “Café” Performance
19.30 Kafe do vany - Acoustic concert
20.00 Café Laundry – “Birthday” performance
23.00 Caffé del Saggio, Klafé, Mezzanine café, Fondue Cafe - Weekly events

October 4:

08.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Special breakfast menu
08.00 Gaviota - Professionally prepared coffee
08.00 Cafe Mitte - Paint your cup! part 2
08.00 Mezzanine Café - Bom Dia Portugal!
10.00 Cafe Podnebi - Morning news
16.00 Cafe 04 - Latte art demonstration
16.30 Kafe do vany - Puppet theater and improvisation
17.00 Kavárna Vinný Bar Wellington - Discussion with Věra Jonášová
18.00 Caffé Minor - coffee tasting and the grand opening of the Coffee Drive Brew Bar
18.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Lukáš Pařík concert
18.00 Spolek - Opening of the “Sportsmen with Handicap” photo exhibition
18.00 Café Encounter - Presentation and Arabica coffee tasting
18.00 Café Maia – Telling of fortunes in Tarot cards
19.00 Mezzanine Café Santos Portugal - Wine tasting
19.00 Perpetuum Café - The young pekáč concert
19.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - ANiby neřekla concert
19.00 Kavárna a Pekařstvi Zastávka - Trio Netrio concert
20.00 Jazz Café - Trio Milana Kašuby concert
20.00 Anděl Café & bar - Performance of Malé divadlo kjógenu
20.00 Leyaly - Cezve coffee-making seminar
23.00 Videňka café, Klafé, Café Encounter, Leyaly, Café Society - Events

October 5:

08.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Special breakfast menu
08.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Game Day
08.00 Mezzanine Café - Italian coffee Day
08.00 Kavárna Hraběnka - Desktop games Day
14.00 Caffe Fratelli - Ice cappuccino and frappuchino tasting
16.00 Kavárna Anděl - Jewelry sale
16.00 Krmítko Detox - Lecture: history of coffee
16.30 Kafe do vany Author: Petra Veselá
18.00 Fondue café - Martin Špinler and Friends concert
18.00 Café Maia - Guitar evening
18.00 Leporelo - Wine and chocolate tasting
18.00 Krmítko Detox, Fakulta sociálních studií - Lecture and coffee tasting
18.00 Cafe Podnebi - Caffeine Night
18.00 Café Gaviota - “Universe People” performance '
18.00 Savoy - Jiří Suchý's BREEZE BAND concert
19.00 Park Lane Cafe - CVYKR concert
19.00 Perpetuum Cafe - Concert
19.00 Cafe Mitte Author Readings: Tomáš Lotocký
19.00 Kavárna Jazeera - Evening of oriental music and belly dancing
19.30 Kavárna Káva jinak - “Boredom in Brno” movie
19.30 Kabaret Špaček - Comedy and coffee
20.00 Jazz Café - Gábina Kočí concert
20.00 Café Society - Coffee and music
20.00 Cafe 04 - Local beer tasting
20.00 Café Laundry - Venas concert
20.00 Kavárna Kunštátská Trojka - Hrochansony concert
23.00 Caffé del Saggio, Klafé, Mezzanine café, Fondue Cafe - Weekly events

October 6:

08.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Special breakfast menu
08.00 Mezzanine Café - Oriental espresso
08.00 Kavárna Anděl - The Day of children and parents
10.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Breakfast with 4tetky quartet!
13.00 Cafe Mitte - Coffee tasting
16.00 Kavárna spolek - Coffee tasting
16.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Find your friends!
16.00 “Cafe Brno vanished world” coffee walks
18.00 Mezzanine Café - Performance: Sit Down, Stay Where You Are!
18.00 Caffé Minor - New coffee sorts tasting
18.30 Kavárna Káva jinak - Romantic piano
19.00 Café Gaviota - Author readings: Petr Moučka
19.00 Perpetuum Cafe – Opening of the exhibition: Ilona Štrempeková
19.30 Mezzanine Café - Jazzva Dance
19.30 Kafe do vany – “Coffee and Cigarettes” film
20.00 Cafe 04 - Záwiš Live concert
20.00 Anděl Café & bar - NaMikrofon performance
20.00 Kavárna Kunštátská Trojka - The Eclipse concert
23.00 Caffé del Saggio, Klafé, Mezzanine café, Fondue Cafe - Weekly events

October 7:

08.00 Mezzanine Café - Go Irish!
08.00 Caffe Fratelli - Contest!
08.00 Kavárna Rotor bar - Special breakfast menu
15.00 Stolní tenis a Hravý bar - Turkish coffee tasting
16.00 Café Gaviota - Children gaming noon
16.30 KAREL NEVER SLEEPS – “Treasury of Wines” wine tasting
17.00 Cafe Mitte - Accordionist Mrázek concert
17.00 Kavárna Anděl – Opening of the exhibition: Martin Kopáček
18.00 Zahrada café therapy - Latte art show
18.00 Café Maia - Coffee and guitar evening
18.00 Kavárna a Pekařství Zastávka - music, prose and performance from KOŽ.A.
19.00 Perpetuum Cafe - Rum tasting
19.00 Rendez vous café - Rhythm and Blues
19.00 Kavárna Káva jinak - Jazz Duo and author readings
19.00 DŮM UMĚNÍ MĚSTA BRNA - Official closing of the "Coffee Week" festival
19.00 Kavárna Hraběnka - Adam Pavlíček concert
19.30 Mezzanine Café - Irish coffee show
19.30 Kafe do vany - Music evening
20.00 Anděl Café & bar - DJ ROMEO
20.00 Mezzanine Café - Dálach concert
20.00 Cafe 04 - Johnny Cash Night
20.00 Café Society - Coffee & Cocktails
21.00 Kavárna Jazeera - Oriental music Night

The festival will last from 1 to 7 October in Brno.

Date: 05/10/2011

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