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Hiking and Walking Tours

Due to its natural diversity and picturesque landscapes Czech Republic is a good choice for those who prefer active vacations, especially cycling, hiking and walking tours. There’s the developed network of travel routes and footpaths especially designed for tourists and sightseers. Following those routes you can reach even the most remote regions of the country.

The most visited tourist destinations among the amateurs of walking tours are Krkonoše National Park covering 360 square km of the Krkonoše mountains to the north-east of Prague on the Czech–Polish border and Šumava National Park situated at the southwest border of the Czech Republic with Germany and Austria in three different regions - Český Krumlov, Prachatice, and Klatovy.

Some other rather popular places are whimsical sandstone "rock towns” in Český ráj (which means Bohemian Paradise) and river valleys, for instance, Dyje River valley in Moravia, the Vydra River valley in Šumava or the valley of Střela River in West Bohemia where some spots of wild nature still survived.

Hiking trails are marked with square 10 by 10 cm in size signs featuring three horizontal stripes – the middle one can be red, blue, green or yellow and indicates the level of difficulty of the trail, the upper and lower white stripes are designed to make the sign more visible. The sign can be supplemented with an arrow showing the direction at points where a trail turns or merges with another trail. At the end of marked trails, there’s a terminal sign.

If you prefer travel by bicycle rather than walking you have a good chance to explore the Czech Republic using one of the many of biking trails has recently boomed there. There are road trails marked with road signs similar to those designed for vehicles and off-road biking trails there. The latter are departed from motor roads and lead through the countryside and terrain, mostly on field or forest paths.

If you intend biking through Czechia you should know that by local laws you must use a properly equipped bicycle (functioning brakes, a bell, a red rear reflector, a white front reflector, a red rear light, a white front light, front and rear fenders). Bicycle helmets are recommended for adult travelers and compulsory for persons younger than 18. Drunk cycling can cost you a fine of up to CZK 15,000.

Detailed hiking and biking maps are available in information centers or in almost any bookshop in the Czech Republic. They can also be purchased from small vendors across the country.

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