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Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic located in South Moravia. It has population over 380,000 inhabitants and takes area of 230 square km. This city is situated in the southeast part of Czechia where the rivers Svitava and Svratka flow together. It lies within 200-kilometre radius to other important European cities – Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. Administratively the city is divided into 29 districts.

Brno was given status of a town in 1243 by Václav I, King of Bohemia, but the first settlements on this territory are dated back to the 5th century. Supposedly, the first settlers were Celtic tribes, which then moved away and the area was inhabited by Slavic people. Moravia lies at the crossroad of ancient trade routes that used to join North and South of Europe, so for centuries Brno was the economical and cultural center of the region.

Fast development of industry and trade in the 18-19th century influenced Brno immensely. Gradually the town became one on the main Czech industry centers. Due to the rapid growth of the suburbs it lost its fortifications, and the Spielberg fortress was turn into notorious prison. But technical innovations also made lives of its inhabitants better. Thus, in 1839 the railway communication to Brno was open. In 1847 gas lightning was installed. And in 1869 the first tram went along the streets of Brno.

Nowadays Brno hasn’t lost its status of political and cultural center of South Moravia. It hosts the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Supreme Prosecutor's Office. Besides, Brno is one of the most popular tourists destinations in Europe being some kind of an entrepot for those who wish to explore the natural and cultural beauties of the South-Moravian region.

Brno is located between the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and the Southern Moravian lowlands, so it has a moderate climate. It is surrounded by mixed forests of unspoken beauty. It’s so wonderful to wander on foot or take a cycle trip there. To the north of the metropolis is situated a protected area named Moravian Karst (Moravský kras). To the south you can find vineyards, usually there are wine cellars there where you can taste Moravian wines.

But along with sight-seeing monuments of rich historical and cultural heritage and hunting for memorabilia and souvenirs visitors of Brno have a chance to visit its numerous theatres, museums, cinemas and clubs. Moravian metropolis often hosts various cultural, sports and business events. Thus, the Exhibition Centre prides its eighty-year tradition of holding many international exhibitions, congresses, trade fairs. Amateurs of nightlife and shopping also won’t be disappointed with this modern European city.

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